Salkantay with Humantay trek to Machupicchu 6 Days 5 Night

$ 950.00

Salknatay Mountain Salkantay Trekis the second largest mountain in the Cusco region (6271m/20,568ft).

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2 $ 950
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8 $ 650
  • Dificulty
  • Group Size
    6-12 -16 max (Small)
  • Duration
    6 Days / 5 Nights
  • Tour Style
    Camping, Trekking
Salkantay with Humantay trek to Machupicchu 6 Days 5 Night

Salkantay Mountain is the second largest mountain in the Cusco region (6271m/20,568ft), On the first night, you’ll camp within clear sight of the snowcapped peak of Salkantay mountain. The second day will be the longest day of the tour, and while you work a bit harder to get there, the views at the top are even more rewarding. The walk to reach the famous Apacheta Pass at 4,600m/15,088ft) (the Inca Trail’s ‘Dead Woman Pass’ is only 4,200m/13,776ft)) is not strenuous neither very steep, afterward it is mainly descent into a more tropical area passing Andeans and Chaullay on the far side of the mountain. we spend the rest of the 4th evening relaxing in the town and hotsprings of Aguas Calientes. Early in the morning we walk up to Machu Picchu for your guided tour, a well-deserved reward but many say the trek is a prize in itself! This trek includes a 6 Kg porterage service per person, (a duffle bag is provided for transportation of your basic belongings sleeping bag and mat and sleep wear,) have a daypack for personal ítems, less crowded campsites along the trail, our trip takes you through the great look out point toward Machupicchu, Option to visit the Hot springs at Santa Teresa where we also can make our amazing adrenaline sport of zip line + rappel in the 4th day and finally we will take a hike from Hidroelectrica to Aguas Calientes town. Also, the amazing walk to Huaynapicchu mountain after your visit of Machupicchu to complete a great adventure, or walk to Intipunku ” THE SUN GATE “the lookout point where the Inca Trail ends or a nice walk to the Inka-bridge.


1 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 6:00
2 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 7:00
3 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 8:00
4 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 9:00
5 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 10:00
6 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 11:00
7 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 11:00
8 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 13:00
9 MACHUPICCHU Starting at: 14:00
10 MACHUPICCHU with MACHUPICCHU mountain: 6.00
11 MACHUPICCHU with MACHUPICCHU mountain: 7.00
12 MACHUPICCHU with MACHUPICCHU mountain: 8.00
13 MACHUPICCHU with HUAYNAPICCHU mountain: 6.00
14 MACHUPICCHU with HUAYNAPICCHU mountain: 7.00
15 MACHUPICCHU with HUAYNAPICCHU mountain: 8.00
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Collection from your hotel from 04:30 am.
  • Bus direct to soraypampa.
  • 2 person tents (large and comfortable) and a roll pad mattress.
  • English speaking experienced professional mountain guide.
  • (2 Guides for a group of 9-17 participants).
  • 6 kilos porterage service for your personal items, extra clothes, mattress, sleeping bag to be carried by mules, (so you just need to carry your daypack with everything you will need during the day).
  • Full board meals 4Breakfast, 4 Lunches, 4 Dinners.
  • (Vegetarian, vegan or special diet meals upon request).
  • Dining and cooking tents with tables and chairs. Chef and cooking equipment and kitchen tent. first-aid kit including emergency oxygen tank.
  • Horses/donkeys to carry tents, food, cooking equipment. Hot water for washing purposes.
  • zip-line (Transport, harness, helmet and gloves, instructor, supervised tour of the zip-line).
  • Rappelling out (instructor tour of rappel, harness, helmet and gloves, ropes).
  • Hot spring in Colcamayo.
  • Hotel in Aguas Calientes Double or Triple Accommodation.
    Expedition Tourist Train from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo and transport to Cusco.
  • Admission Ticket to Machu Picchu Archaeological Complex. Guided tour in Machu Picchu, time to explore on your own,
  • Free storage in Cusco for your belongings
What is not included in this tour?Items that are not included in the cost of tour price.
  • Energy snacks will be very useful as chocolate bars, dried fruits.
  • Last lunch  on the 5th day, Drinks, bottle water.
  • The bus up & down from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu ($20usd).
  • Tips for your guide, cook and staff are optional. Not mandatory.
  • (Every staff receive a fair and decent payment immediately after they end their trip, tips are optional but are a great gesture of esteem to them).
  • Ticket to Huaynapicchu mountain (walk to top without a guide, trail is well marked).

    We will pick you up early, at around 4:00 am from your hotel. Please make sure to have your original passport and ISIC card (if applicable) with you. In a private van, we will head SORAYPAMAPA, a drive of about 3 and a half hours through the Andes, with gorgeous views of the Salkantay mountains (6,271 meters above sea level) along the way. During the drive we will have the opportunity to stop and stretch our legs or use the bathroom. Once we arrive at SORAYPAMPA (3,800 meters/ 12,467 ft) our chef will prepare a delicious lunch for us and we will meet the team who will help us carry our belongings during the trek. Then, we will be ready to begin our hike, it will start with about two hours on relatively level terrain as we follow the HUMANTAY snowy peak to LAKE HUMANTAY (4200 meters above sea level). When we arrive, the guide will perform a ceremony to Pachamama and then we will go dawn to the camp site SORAYPAMAPA to relax in order to acclimates our body to this Hight elevation, where we will enjoy our meal surrounded by beautiful snowy mountain peaks. Then we will enjoy our “happy hour” and have a briefing about what to expect the following day. At 7:00 pm we will have dinner and then have a good rest.


    Our second day the wake up is around 5:30 am Today, the landscape will change drastically from dry sceneries to snowy peaks because we will reach the Hight pass. After a nutritious breakfast around 6.30am, we will start the most difficult part of the trek hiking for 4 hours or could be less until reaching the salkantay pass ”the savage pass”  4,620 meter / 15,157 ft this 4 hours can be the most challenging part hiking the dusty, rocky and muddy path, facing all the time the gorgeous glaciers  after this point we going dawn for 15 min to get our lunch in one of the most beautiful spot here our chef and team will be waiting with hot drinks and hot water in bucket to wash our hands before our meals  in this point we have appropriated meals in order to digest the food in this elevation afterward we continue our hike but this time will be all dawn can inclined dawn and gradually until will arrive to our camp  WAYRAMACHAY ( 3,800 meters 12,467 ft) above sea level). Approx will arrive to the camp site around 4 pm then after once we are ready and warmer, we are going to have our happy hour, around 7:00p.m., we will eat dinner.

    Walking distance approximately 14.


    These days we have the best morning sorrowing by Hight glaziers and usually our wake up is around 6:00 am with a hot glass of coca tea and right after one hours we have breakfast and    Around 7:00a.m., we will start our trek descending first for 2 hours and along the way will feel the change of the weather beginning of the tropical forest or end of the Andes, after these 2-hour RAYANNIYOC 3,200 meter / 10,498 ft, will take one of the most amazing path ascending for 2 hours to UNUYOC this part can be muddy and warmer but once we reach the top will see  spectaculars views, the end of the snow peaks, green valleys and giants mountains, fruit-bearing trees, varied flora, and birds can be observed. If we are lucky, we will be able to observe the famous bird called the “Cock of the Rocks”.  after this climbed, we continue descending a challenging dawn for 2 hours this area can be steep mostly the last 45 min until our lunch were will enjoy our delicious meals afterwards will continue the last short hike to the camp site following the dusty abandoned road to the camp site this time will hike just for 2 more hours, a long the way will see a lot faming places as avocado ,caffe, corn, vegetable, fruits and a lot of things   once we arrive to  PASION FRUIT CAMP SITE 2.100 meter / 6,889 ft. above sea level, Approx. arriving to the camp site is around 4 pm then after once we are ready and cool, we are going to have our happy hour, around 7:00p.m., we will eat dinner.

    Walking distance approximately 14


    Today Will wake up around 6 am  and then once we are ready wiil have our breakfast, this part the hike will be moderative 2 hours following the dusty road and exploring the flora as orchid and fruits once we end the road will get connection with the original ancient inka trail before to continue these inka trail will visit a family from LUCMABAMBA village here the family will show us how harvests the coffee beans and your tour guide will translate and explain the way of how to make your own Arabic Starbuck coffee beside learning these will do more activities as how this family live day a day as farmers here our chef will make our meals using the organic and fresh vegetable from the village after ending these activistic will continue hiking the inka trail around 4 hours to the camp site this short inka trail could be challenging because you will notice that weather can be more warmer the first 3 hours will be uphill with few steps and little by little will be Hight and enjoying the wonderful  valley and mountains once we reach to the top with notice that we are into the jungle 3.000 meter / 9,842 fts  were we kept hiking but these time for 30 min down to PATALLACTA an archeological sites  from here will see the first views of MACHUPICCHU , Machupicchu mountain and huaynapicchu mountain too, after other 30 min down will continue hiking until our best camp site LLACTAPATA here our tent will be facing the sacred valley and MACHUPICCHU, camp site  2.700 meter / 8.855 ft. above sea level, Approx. arriving to the camp site is around 5.45 pm then after once we are ready and cool, we are going to have our last happy hour and around 7:00p.m., we will eat dinner.


    Today is the last day of trekking as every morning the wake up with hot glass of coca tea today will wake up to see the sun shine from Machupicchu most people call as sun rise but this time will see around 6:30 am the first hit of the sun coming from Machupicchu mountains sites. After this amazing moment will enjoy the last breakfast from our chef, then will continue hiking for 2hours to hidroelectrica were will have our last meal cooked by our chef here we make a ceremony with our team and say good bye to them after these will follow the railway track for 3 hours to AGUAS CALIENTES TOWN here will show you the hotel and then plenty time to rest and to be ready for our last dinner in a restaurant.


    Today we will visit MACHUPICCHU, a magical and spiritual place and one of the seven wonders of the word.

    In 2019 the government changed the rules for visitors to Machupicchu, with less people now being allowed in, and the permitted stay being shorter. So, to make the most of our time there and to fully enjoy this once in a lifetime experience, we will start our tour by taking a bus from Aguas Calientes to Machupicchu (the departure time will depend on the time of the entrance tickets you have reserved). Once we arrive, we will have a 3-hour guided tour through the different sections of Machupicchu- such as the urban sector, religious sector, and agricultural sector. After the tour we will head back to Aguas Calientes by bus and from there we will take a train back to Cusco. Usually, the train we take will be the one leaving at 2:55pm, but this will depend on your schedule. The train will take us to Ollantaytambo, from where we will take a bus back to the hotel, dropping you off at your hotel around 7:30pm.

What to bring in this tour?Items that are to bring.
  • Backpack.
  • sleeping bag (Minus 8ºC – can be rented at MACAW office for US$20 ).
  • Sturdy Hiking boots.
  • Warm clothes and trekking pants. not jeans.
  • layers for variable temperatures specially at night.
  • Flash light with extra batteries.
  • Camera, extra film & batteries.
  • Sunprotection : sunscreen : sun hat : sunglasses.
  • Thermals : wool socks : Gloves / scarf and woolen hat for cold nights.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Rain poncho : a good rain jacket.
  • Extra plastic bags especially in wet season and plastic garbage bags to line your back pack.
  • Toiletries / toilet paper / small towel.
  • Bathing clothes for the hot springs.
  • Water bottle : water purifying tablets optional.
  • Personal medical kit with a simple whistle.
  • Original passport and ISIC student card if applicable.
  • Extra money for souvenirs, drinks.
  • Trekking poles.