Booking Conditions

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA is pleased to assist you in the preparation of your great adventure in our country, our services and tour packages allow us to offer special activities or excursions. In many cases DISCOVER PACHAMAMA has the responsibility to choose programs and services suited to their abilities and interests.

In order to provide the professional experience of all our staff. The adventurers must have a good health to accept the trip and also prepare for the trip, studying the itinerary, to bring the right clothes, equipment and personal documentation as advised.

Reservation procedure

Once the tourist service has been chosen, it must be subject to comply with each of the clauses or terms and conditions, it will be mandatory to read them, for which, after full or partial payment, you will be satisfied and affirm that you have read and accepted them.

Your reservation is subject to the terms listed below.

A contract that is entered by DISCOVER PACHAMAMA.

Your reservation form is received

The 50% deposit to confirm the reservation

Please note that travel reservations are not confirmed until indicated in writing by DISCOVER PACHAMAMA confirming your deposit and your reservation with us

The other 50% service will be provided by you at the time of the informative talk at the hotel where you are or upon arrival in the city of Cusco.

You can also make the payment of the service 100% from our website or by transfer.

Organization and Responsibilities

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA is a travel agency and tourist services, which has the function of specifying the services provided by train operators, general transport operators, hotels, tour operators and / or any other independent firm.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA has control over the services offered, so the entire travel arrangement with our agency acts on behalf of our clients, organizing on their behalf the means and services required.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA assumes responsibility in case of accidents, losses, damages, delays, inconvenience or any other type of irregularity that may be caused by defects of any vehicle, or through a situation of omission, carelessness or negligence or person hired by the same, to fulfill or carry out any service or part of tourist service offered, as a result of acts of vandalism, strikes, wars, government actions, weather conditions, or any other or type of factors that imply additional costs arising from delays, itinerary changes or other causes.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA reserves the right to accept reservations and not any booking request from any passenger, to any tour or tour package offered by DISCOVER PACHAMAMA, cancel or change a tour package, if circumstances so approve. The request for any type of service requested to our company will be understood as the consent of these conditions.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA in case of force majeure or fortuitous event before or during the trip (accidents, strikes, earthquakes, climatic factors, safety conditions, factors politicians, denial of entry permits, health issues, among others), or simply in order to ensure the success of the plan, the operator and / or agency may modify, replace or cancel itineraries, dates, hotels, optional services, which is now accepted by the passenger at the time of acquiring the services.

Included services

Your reservation with DISCOVER PACHAMAMA does not include in its prices 19% VAT, applicable only to Peruvians and foreigners residing in Peru.

If a visa is required, DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will provide advice on the case, being the exclusive autonomy of the consular authority, everything related to the procedure, the documents requested, the study, costs, duration of the procedure and approval or rejection. In case of refusal of visa, there will be no refund of the amounts paid by the applicant. In any case, it will be the exclusive responsibility of the passenger, the processing and compliance with the informed requirements.

The passenger will be exclusively responsible for the custody of their luggage and travel documents. DISCOVER PACHAMAMA, may guide the passenger in the event of loss of their luggage or travel documents, however, under no circumstances, will be responsible for the loss, damage, deterioration or loss of said elements. The Travel Agency will inform the passenger of the restrictions established by the airlines in terms of prohibitions, maximum weight and number of pieces per passenger, persons allowed in the attractions or tourist sites, limitations or impediments to access by maximum quota. However, it will be the sole responsibility of the passenger to comply with these policies, which may vary by provision of transport companies or the service provider.


The passenger is responsible for having his passport or other travel document and visas in effect according to his nationality accepted by the laws of the governments of the countries he is visiting. In order to make reservations you will need to have the following information for each passenger:

  • Full name.
  • Passport number.
  • Nationality
  • Birthdate

It is recommended to inform allergies, illnesses, passenger conditions, characteristics of each passenger, food preferences, among others.

Privacy and protection of personal info

The Passenger by delivering the email address or other personal data, necessary requirement for the contracting of tourist services, the passenger gives his permission for these addresses to be used to send commercial communications of promotion or advertising of services and products offered by DISCOVER PACHAMAMA, guaranteeing that said information will never be sold or provided to third parties and will be protected as confidential information and will not be fulfilled in the case of a competent authority order.

Prices and Rates

Prices and rates are denominated in US dollars and are subject to change without prior notice, until the respective payment has been made and the due confirmation of availability.

The tour packages are per person, on a basis of double occupancy in room or person occupation (unless indicated) standard in all hotels and includes services, transfers, indicated excursions, specialized guides and entrance tickets (unless you specify different conditions). Prices and rates do not include extras, tips, airport taxes, air tickets (unless expressly indicated), excess baggage or any other trip not specified in the program.

When the passenger chooses the fare, unless expressly stated, it is a fee in which no changes are allowed to the amount of the reservation (except by paying some penalty provided by the company according to the rate applied). This means that it is not allowed to use the income tickets in a different way to the contract, including this fact trying to use the return of the tickets, without having previously used the income.

Price does not include

National and airport departure taxes or visa fees, airport security charges if imposed by any airport to cover the costs of security measures, excess baggage, park tickets, where not specified, nights or expenses additional during the trip due to cancellations of flights or any international circumstances beyond the control of DISCOVER PACHAMAMA, alcoholic beverages, mineral water, beverages, snacks or meals not specified, tips, insurance of any kind, laundry, telephone calls, radio calls or messages, reconfirmation of flights and other items for personal use, special programs, optional excursions or other services not specifically specified in the program, the only supplement to be paid on all reservations that only one person is traveling and requires only accommodation / services.

Payment Methods

In the specific conditions of each plan, the form of payment and term will be defined. The value and form of payment of deposits or advances, tickets, reservations of sports and cultural events, fairs, exhibitions and the like, will be subject to the conditions of the organizer of such events, which will be informed at the time of purchase.

A corresponding deposit per person for the chosen program is requested at the time of booking. This deposit is not refundable in case of cancellation by the client. The balance of this program is for 60 days before departure. In the case of programs booked within 60 days of departure, the total amount of the program must be paid at the time of booking.

In the case of groups, our payment policy requires that our services must be completely canceled 60 days before the arrival of the group together with the list of passengers, unless different conditions are specified.

Any modification to agreed services or the hiring of new services once the trip has begun, will be paid directly by the passenger or may, in case the agency accepts it, be charged to a credit card.

Payment must be made with DISCOVER PACHAMAMA in Cusco / Peru. DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will assume taxes in Peruvian banks and Peruvian bank transfer costs but all countries of origin taxes and bank transfer costs will be the responsibility of the client.

Ways to make the pre-payments for the confirmation of the services requested:

VISA credit card with Verified by Visa and with Securecode (+ 8%).

Tarjeta de crédito VISA a través de PAYPAL (+5%).

Bank deposit (For bank transfers from abroad add $ 20)


All reservations will be subject to confirmation until full receipt of full payment for the services that DISCOVER PACHAMAMA. In case a specific agreement has been reached between the company and the client, the reservation can be confirmed with a partial payment of 50% for the packages and all its categories in which it is located.

However, the balance must be canceled before the start of services. Payments for our services can only be made as indicated in our payment methods.

Once the reservation of the tourist package is confirmed to the client by means of an e-mail with a confirmation code, this will be guaranteed, except cancellation for reasons stated under the title of responsibilities which are totally unrelated to the company.

The confirmation of the hotels are subject to availability, if there is no space in the selected hotel will be given another of similar category and price according to the client’s interests. With regard to cancellations, refunds and refunds of money these will be regulated by the terms and conditions stipulated in Cancellation, Refund and Refund Policies that stable DISCOVER PACHAMAMA.


In case any service can not be provided by an error, failure or direct fault attributable to the service operator, DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will try to do its best to provide some solution of equal value to the service not provided.

In case a service can not be provided equivalent to the service not provided will be reimbursed the actual price of the service excluding any consequence, indirect costs or any other cost associated with not performing this service.

Any claim regarding any service not provided during the trip will only be accepted if it is made, in writing, within 7 days after the end of the trip.

Regarding cancellations, refunds and refunds of money these will be regulated by the terms and conditions stipulated in the Cancellation, Refund & Refund Policies.

Cancellation, Refund & Refund Policies.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will not be held responsible, nor will it make any kind of refund or postponement for the services not taken or in case of not presenting the passenger or arriving late on the reserved date, time and place indicated in the reservation confirmation.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will be responsible for reimbursement for any hotel charges, extras or additional that the passenger has made during his stay and made by previous conceptsAll confirmation, modification, variation, cancellation and / or novelty regarding each reservation will be made through the means specified in otherwise the passenger will lose the right to demand their benefits.

Requests to modify the number of people included in the previously confirmed reservation will be subject to the availability of seats, and their rate may vary with previous notice. If the passenger leaves the hotel before the previously confirmed date, the refund will be subject to the hotel policy.

l where I make your accommodation.

Any additional service contracted with other operators by the passenger in the travel destination will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the person who hires it, therefore, DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will not be responsible for any inconvenience or accident that may arise. present in it.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will not assume any responsibility in the face of legal issues or other inconveniences in which the passenger may be involved, in case the passenger is forced to withdraw from the services contracted for such reasons and likewise, in front of the personal expenses incurred by the passenger.

Individual passengers and group passengers

If a request for cancellation is received up to and including 60 days before the arrival date of the passengers, the refund or refund will be subject to a penalty of 30% of the total cost for administrative expenses, other than the financial expenses associated with the cost of the bank transfer, credit card commission and any other expense and / or cost associated with the return. Except for exceptions that are specified below. If a request for cancellation is received up to and including 60 days before the date of arrival of the passengers, the refund or refund will be subject to a 40% cancellation fee, outside of the financial expenses associated with the transfer cost. banking, credit card commission and some other expense and / or cost associated with the return. Except for exceptions that are specified below. If a cancellation is received 35-20 days before the date of arrival of the passengers, the refund or refund will be subject to a charge of 65% of cancellation expenses, out of the financial expenses associated with the cost of the bank transfer, commission of credit card and some other expense and / or cost associated with the return. Except for exceptions that are specified below. No refund or refund will be granted if the request for cancellation is received up to or less than 19 days before the date of arrival of passengers. Likewise, no refund or refund will be granted for non-presentation of the passenger (s) or cancellation during the trip. There is no refund or refund for portions of tourist packages or unused stays.

In the case of cancellation of tourist packages that include the air transportation service, bus and / or train already issued, no refund or refund will be granted for concept of these services.

Certain services may be interrupted or canceled due to weather conditions, reasons of force majeure, disturbances, among others., or others beyond the control of hotels, airlines, suppliers or the same agency. No refund or refund will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.

Customer Responsibilities

Carry the travel requirements and everything related to current documentation such as passport, visas, travel authorizations, health insurance, registration of minors, among others. DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will not be liable for any damages or losses that may be caused by lack of documents or validity thereof.

Take care of all your personal items and luggage.

Be punctual at the stipulated time of the contracted services

Present the Vouchers in each of the contracted services.

In case the passenger is NO SHOW at the airport, because they did not previously warn of flight or cancellation change, the service is considered and there will be no refund.

In case of not being able to take the service due to bad health, please inform 24 hours in advance to DISCOVER PACHAMAMA cel.: +1 (317) 287-4512

Commit and accept to follow the instructions of the guides in charge of the operation and when not fulfilling them will be withdrawn (a) from the activity without option to reimbursement or postponement. The authority of the guides will not be discussed under any circumstances by any of the passengers, nor doubts their ability and professional criteria to make a decision in favor of individual or group safety.

Complaints and Complaints

If a customer has a complaint against the client’s company he should inform the trip driver, guide or company representative, while on the tour so that the guide / representative can try to solve the problem. Any other complaint must be put in writing to the company within 7 days of the end of the tour.

Seat of all claims or disputes will be exclusively in Cusco, Peru, whose courts, using Peruvian law, will have exclusive jurisdiction. Claims for damages against DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will be limited to the value of the particular item in dispute.

Any liability is limited to the entire price paid for the tour. In all cases, the company specifically excludes any liability for indirect, incidental or consequential loss or expense, including loss of profits.

DISCOVER PACHAMAMA assumes responsibility for the representations it makes, but not for those made by other persons included, but not limited to, any employee of DISCOVER PACHAMAMA or any independent travel agent.

The payment of reservations in any program or tour of DISCOVER PACHAMAMA will constitute the consent of all the provisions of the reservation Terms and conditions established in this document and is binding for all participants of the trip.

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